Friday Surprise Is... 

SURPRISE!!!  My new song, “God So Loved The World” comes out THIS FRIDAY.  YAY.  Happy dance… I'm actually a little behind on financing for the PR so if any of you would like to donate and help me promote it - I would be SO GRATEFUL.  The Donate button is here right below my picture…  I'm working around the clock right now to try to make it happen. :)

But I wanted you to be the FIRST to be able to download it so here is the Pre-Save link. CLICK HERE

I'm working on a music video for it and if you donate, I'll send you the link to the video to watch before everyone else. If you're not in a position to, no worries!

Music brings peace to my soul.  This song was supposed to be recorded and played.  However, ever since I recorded it, I've had so many problems getting it out.  It's been unbelievable.  Just makes me know how important it is that this song is heard!

I'm thankful for all of you… who read these emails… who comment on my posts… who are a part of my life.  I read your names, I read your comments and I know who yuo are.

God bless you today and always!

Lady Redneck

BIGGEST Sale I've Ever Done 


Not sure what's come over me today but I am doing the BIGGEST Sale I've ever done… literally.

CDs that are usually $20 are $5 today and tomorrow.  Posters that are usually $12 are $3… ya get the drift.

I'm ready for some BIG things to happen with my music and thought this would jumpstart it.  I will be personally shipping them out and can't wait to send something to you.

Click here to grab some of my AWESOME products.

Thanks for all the support and God bless you now and always.

Lady Redneck


All the Craziness…  you ever just want to turn your head an act like all this “craziness” isn’t happening around us? ❤️ I mean… men breastfeeding? Child trafficking? All this racist stuff? Inflation? Literally the list is a mile long… 

I guess I just wanted to say that I think it’s important that we stand up for what we believe in and share it in a Christlike way.  We need to love one another… not only those who believe the same way we do. 

I can see strength in numbers and sometimes just knowing there are others that believe the way you do- gives you more strength and courage. 

I think it’s important to remember free agency is a gift from God and nobody should force anyone to believe something they don’t believe and if someone believes differently, we need to RESPECT that. 

Also, for those of us that are Christians, we need to stay close to Him. He is our good shepherd and will always lead us on the right path. 

Last Chance for Only $1 


6 July 2023... I wanted to give EVERYONE who wanted it a chance to grab my 23 page, super detailed preparedness checklist for only $1 before it goes up to $49.  When the clock strikes 12:00 tonight, the opportunity is gone.

Hey!  Just wanted you to know, there are no strings attached or anything, it's literally $23. 

The other day I ordered something online for not much more than that and a week later I had a $39.99 charge on my card.  Somehow they had put me in a subscription that I didn't sign up for... this is not anything like that. 

I believe EVERYONE should be prepared and this list is something that I worked really hard on that has many tools and preparedness gear that most don't even know about. 

I've already had several people tell me how much it has helped them and that means the world to me, because I truly do want to help. I've asked a couple of them to write testimonials and will have those to share soon.

In the meantime, this is IT!  So, if ya want it - CLICK HERE.

Now as far as sharing something of value...

Let's talk Long Term Food Storage and Mylar Bags.

Mylar Bags are great to store food.  You can grab them on Amazon.  Make sure you also grab some oxygen absorbers to put in.  I also love to grab some 5 gallon buckets from Lowes as Mylar Bags are not rodent proof.

Fill your food up in the Mylar bags, put your oxygen absorber on top, and them seal.  Read the instructions on your Mylar bags to make sure they're sealed properly and then put the lid on your 5 Gallon Bucket and LABEL with a large black permanent marker. 

* Many mylar bags can be sealed with an iron or a straight iron.
* Foods high in moisture or oil don't do well in mylar bags.  Examples are: brown rice, raisins, nuts, granola, chocolate chips, cookies, and crackers.
Dry goods such as wheat, white rice, beans, pasta, oats, sugar, and flour store well in Mylar bags.

I hope this helps!  Feel free to send me your tips, pictures, recipes and more.  Can't wait to see them. Send to:

God bless and Happy Prepping!

Lady Redneck​​​​​​



June 3, 2023.  As you may have heard.... I have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT today.  It's so major, that it's actually 3 fold.  So, I was just on social media and went live to share it but if you missed it - here it is:

1. I have a new song coming out June 16th.  It's another song my dad wrote called, "Dreams Do Die Hard."  It talks about watching dreams slip away and is a sad and sweet country song.  I can't wait for you to hear it!

2. I have a NEW CD coming out this summer!  Yes, I've done a few of those but I have never finished a CHRISTIAN CD.  This is my first Christian CD and now 5 of those songs have been in the Top 10 iTunes Christian charts so... I think it's going to be a really great CD. 

Lastly.... as you know, I've crowdfunded since I started my music as it was the only way I could record.  It's been great because it's allowed you to PARTNER with me to make music.  Many have LITERALLY been a part of my songs.  You may have had your name on the back of my CDs, been on video in the studio with me... but I have decided that I will no longer be doing crowdfunding (I'M NOT GIVING UP ON MY MUSIC!!!) just no longer crowdfunding... so this is my LAST crowdfunding campaign.  

When you donate, you will have your name on the back of my Christian CD.  So, this is it...the last campaign, here's the link:


There it is!!  I TOLD YA it was big!!!  I honestly couldn't wait to share it with you and hope you're as excited as I am.

God bless today and always!

Lady Redneck


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Have Ya Seen This? 


Hey!  Hoping you're having a great May the 4th... it's been a good day here.  My daughter has had a really sore throat for 2 days so I've been spending a lot of time taking care of her.  She is doing a little better... :)

Got a couple things that you may be interested in.  First of all, I've got a new song coming out next Friday, May 12th, and I promised you the Pre-Save link - here. The song is called, "I Wonder About You" and it's a sweet, beautiful love song.  Click here to Pre-Save and thanks in advance!

Next, I've got the PERFECT GIFT for Mother's Day.  Write a poem for your mom and I'll put it to music and make it a song - then make it into a video.  She'll love it.  It will be fun for me too.

Ya probably noticed all the Patriotic T-shirts I've added to my website lately.  I wanted to give YOU 10% off Patriotic T-shirts today because I wanted to THANK YOU for signing up for my emails.  Just use the code: Patriotic HERE to get 10% off.  

A little more about the song "I Wonder About You."  I didn't write it.  My dad did.  I grew up listening to him play it on the piano and loved the song.  I didn't realize until I was older that he wrote it.  I've always wanted to record it and did it for his birthday in February.  It's such an honor to release one of his songs.  

I honestly have the best parents.  They're some of my best friends in the whole world and I feel so blessed.  They're super talented and I thank God for them.

The world has such an attack on the family right now - but family is so important.  I'll always stand up and defend it.

Thanks for being a part of my life and loving my music!  Appreciate ya a lot.

Lady Redneck

Preparedness Information: Knowledge is Power 


The world is changing faster than we can comprehend.  Are we prepared?

The world has been hit hard by economic recession, environmental disasters, nuclear threats, and other natural calamities that threaten the stability of our daily lives. In this blog, we will address four key concerns that have been on the minds of many people: the need to buy gold during this recession, issues with water because of chemical spills, nuclear threat and what we can do to escape it, and how we could lose power during troubled times in the future.

Part 1: The Need to Buy Gold during This Recession

The current economic recession has made many people concerned about the stability of their finances. Many people have turned to gold as a safe haven asset to protect their wealth during troubled times for 4 reasons:

  1. 1. Gold is often considered a safe haven asset during a recession because it is a tangible and valuable asset that holds its value over time. 
  2. 2. During a recession, investors tend to flock to gold because it is seen as a store of value and a hedge against inflation. 
  3. 3. Gold also tends to have an inverse correlation with other assets, meaning that when stocks and other investments are declining, gold prices tend to rise. 
  4. 4. This makes gold a popular choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and protect their wealth during economic uncertainty. 

Overall, gold can provide a sense of security and stability during times of financial instability.

If you’re interested in a free guide on gold, this is the best one I’ve found with the most amount of information from a reputable company.

Part 2: Issues with Water Because of Chemical Spills

This had to be addressed because of all of the chemical issues happening in the United States this year alone!  You may have seen my videos I shared on social media today about this...

Water is a precious resource that is essential to life. However, chemical spills can contaminate water sources, making them unsafe for human consumption such as serious consequences for our environment, including contamination of water sources, air pollution, and harm to human health and wildlife. 

Just from what happened in Palestine, Ohio, over 25,000,000 people have had their water affected.  The Residents in affected areas should follow guidance and instructions from local officials to protect their health and wellbeing but what if there is no guidance? 

Here’s some valuable information on making sure you always have safe water to drink.

Part 3: Nuclear Threat and What We Can Do to Escape It

The threat of nuclear war or nuclear accidents is a major concern for people around the world. 

While it may be difficult to completely protect oneself from the effects of a nuclear explosion or radiation exposure, there are steps families can take to reduce their risk and prepare for emergencies. 

Some ways to protect oneself include having an emergency supply kit with basic essentials such as food, water, and medical supplies, identifying safe places to shelter in the event of an attack or accident, and staying informed about local emergency plans and protocols. Do you have an emergency supply kit?

It is also important to educate oneself about the risks and effects of nuclear explosions and radiation exposure to make informed decisions about safety measures.

If you’d like more information on how you can protect yourself, click here.

Part 4: How We Could Lose Power During Troubled Times in the Future

Power outages can occur for many reasons, including natural disasters, cyberattacks, and other forms of disruption. 

The impact of losing power would be significant and far-reaching. Modern society relies heavily on electricity to power everything from homes and businesses to transportation and communication systems. 

Without power, basic necessities such as lighting, heating, and refrigeration would be unavailable, and critical infrastructure such as hospitals, water treatment plants, and emergency services would be compromised. 

Communication systems would also be affected, making it difficult to receive news and updates or to contact loved ones. In addition to the immediate impact on daily life, a prolonged power outage could also have long-term economic and social consequences, highlighting the importance of preparedness and resilience planning.

We all know we need generators, but click here if you’d like additional options on powering up your home.

In conclusion, the concerns we have addressed in this blog are real and present dangers that we need to address. By understanding these risks and taking steps to mitigate them, we can protect ourselves and our communities from harm. While there are no guarantees in life, by being proactive and prepared, we can minimize the impact of these risks on our daily lives.

I hope the information and links I shared make you more prepared to deal with our world today.

This Will Make Someone So Happy! 



I have a couple surprises for you... one, is that I've worked hard on a new music video.  I'll be sharing it tomorrow on Facebook and IG at 11:00 am CST.  CLICK HERE

The second one is that I'm doing "Singing Valentine's" for $20.  Ya click on my link, send me a name and a couple facts you want mentioned in the song and I'll sing a 15-30 sec song for whoever you'd like!  I'll send it to the email that orders it so that way you can give it to that person whenever you'd like.  CLICK HERE

There are so many other things I want to tell ya... but I'm going to limit it to his last thing...I've now made my 6 Christian songs available to download.  If you'd like to grab them, I'd love to send them to ya... ACCESS HERE

I hope your Valentine's Day is so special.  

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I hope you choose me 

To sing for you!


Have an amazing night.

Lady Redneck

It's Almost Too Good To Be True 


Yep!  For the next 24 hours... starting RIGHT NOW, Wednesday at 4:00 pm - Thursday at 4:00 pm, everyone who donates at least $20 to my new Crowdfunding Campaign will get a HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU CARD, CD, and a voice message over social media messenger of IG.  I TOLD ya it was almost too good to be true.

Click here to donate

Also, did ya hear that great news? "Perfect Love" made #2 on the iTunes UK Christian Chart! What a great way to start off the new year... 

I hope you've been enjoying the new music videos, live shows, giveaways and everything else.  It's been so fun to do them and I look forward to a lot more of them in the future....

Also, if you're a SUBSCRIBER on FB, IG or TikTok, I am now giving 10% off all website purchases - so make sure and ask if you didn't get the code.

Thanks again my friend and have an AMAZING day!!

God bless.

Lady Redneck