LAST CALL.. Christmas Goodies 


Last call for Christmas cards and Christmas bundles!  TODAY IS IT!!  Store closes tonight until the 1st of January.

I have Christmas bundles for only $9.99 that are regularly $35!!  Yep, I'm GIVING away CDs, posters, and am giving everyone a Christmas card that orders TODAY.

I would love to send you ONE (or two or three.) :)

They make great gifts and help you bring in the holiday season.

Here are the bundles:

Christmas bundle #1 - (Regularly $35) ONLY $9.99 -

Away In A Manger CD, New poster and Christmas card

Christmas bundle #2 - (Regularly $35) ONLY $9.99 -

Come Play Santa With Me CD, LR poster and Christmas card

Christmas bundle #3 - (Regularly $35) ONLY $9.99 -

Oh Holy Night EP, Walkin In A Winter Wonderland DVD and Christmas card

Get your order in FAST!  I'll be waitin'...

Lady Redneck

Christmas cards and all things nice! 


It's that time of year again! :) 

I am doing things a little different this year.  I want to make sure I get all the orders out super early and on time so I've got my websites open now but will be closing them from December 5 - Jan 1st.  

I've got 3 Christmas Bundles to choose for this year:

1. Bundle #1 - New Poster, New Christmas CD (Away In A Manger) and a Christmas card

2. Bundle #2 - Country Poster, Come Play Santa With Me CD, and a Christmas card

3. Bundle #3 - Christmas DVD, Away In A Manger CD and a Christmas card

I feel bad but I literally can could barely keep up with the Christmas cards last year so this year I'm sending them to my subscribers, those who donated to one of my campaigns and those who order one of these bundles.  I would LOVE to send them out to everyone as I have in the past and feel bad that I can't.  

I have figured out how to ship the posters without bending them, so YAY for that! :) Oh... and I will sign all CDs, cards and posters.

In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying my new Christmas Song,  "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and I've got one more surprise coming out in December... 

God bless you and thank you so much for continuing to follow my music.  It truly means the world to me.

Lady Redneck

4 HUGE SURPRISES... For Veteran's Day! 

Y'all know how much I love our country and with Veteran's Day tomorrow I wanted to do something super special, so SURPRISE!!  I have created a music video for "Pray For Peace" that I will be premiering tomorrow at 11:00 am CST on FB and IG.  I actually shared it with my Subscribers on those channels today.  I hope you're excited to see it.  

I've got 3 MORE SURPRISES... 

SURPRISE 2. I've got a new poster out on this website that I PROMISE won't be bent when you get it.  I've only created 25 of them and once they're gone, they're gone so ya may want to grab one...  CLICK HERE

SURPRISE 3: I'm holding a Veteran's Day Sale and giving 10% off my entire site when you put in the word VETERANSDAY at checkout.  I'm also donating a portion of my Sales to our Veterans! Go to:

SURPRISE 4: Many of you requested my 2nd album "Into You" be put on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. and be back out there and as of RIGHT NOW... it's UP!  You can listen to it on YouTube or wherever you'd like.  It had "Blue Bayou," "Vulnerable" and many other songs you love.

So... yeah, that's a lot.  I hope you like surprises. :)


Lady Redneck

Faith Family Freedom... and a SECRET 

Oh man, did I get hit with a cold!  It was like the perfect sleep, travel, time of the month... (oops!  probably TMI) and I was sick but I did have an AMAZING time in Nashville.

It was surreal being in the Grand Ole Opry and knowing I was apart of the show... nominated and that all the hard work is paying off.  I loved every minute of it.  I could have sat there all night...

Now I'm home... back in Texas, and ready to get playing music again.  My cough is almost gone enough to do a live show and my "60 year old smokers voice" (from being sick) is almost normal again.  :) 

To start off, I've got a secret for you... but I'm not going to tell you until the end of this email so you HAVE to read the whole thing. Haha. Just kidding.  I know if I tell most of you that, it will pretty much guarantee that none of you read it because us rednecks don't like to be told what to do... am I right?  But it will be at the end... ;)

First, I'm getting cranking on my crowdfunding campaign again!  I'm 1/3 of the way there and hoping to reach my goal by Sunday.  So, for EVERYONE who donates $25 or more, I will give you this crazy cool "Family Faith Freedom" mug.  Plus, you'll be a part of history when I win song of the year, you will know you're a part of that song.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE


But here's the secret... Shh....I have a new music video coming out tomorrow.  I'm going to post it to my Subscribers on FB and IG first and then on my regular Facebook page at noon CST.  :) 

Hope you're excited.

Lady Redneck

As You Wish... 

 So many of you have asked when I'll be doing my live shows again... AS YOU WISH.

I will be doing a live facebook show this week so be looking for my posts to announce it. :)

Also- many of you have been with me for a long time... for which I am super grateful.  I was doing a radio interview this morning and was thinking about what an amazing journey it's been.  You have been with me at my best and at my worst - when my life was falling apart.  Feeling SO GRATEFUL for you, I've decided to do a 50% off sale today and tomorrow only.  This sale ends tomorrow at midnight.  Everything on this website is 50% off.  You won't see it until checkout so don't worry if the prices on here don't reflect it.  Just type in the word THANKS and the prices will be adjusted. :) I am truly grateful.  CLICK HERE

Also - kinda exciting- I wrote another Christian song called, "Perfect Love" that I'll be playing at the Private Facebook concert.  It's a bubbly, happy song that changes rhythms and is fun to sing along with. 

I JUST set up my crowdfunding campaign so if you'd like to donate to that - please do.  For the first 24 hours, everyone who donates will be able to go to a Private Facebook Concert I'll be holding after my campaign is over.  It's exclusively for those who donate and I'd love to have you there.  CLICK HERE to donate.

Thanks for all the kind words about my new song, "You First Loved Me."  I'm so glad you loved it.

God bless!

Lady Redneck

Collectors Item - Exclusive Numbered Posters 


Good Saturday afternoon!

I hope this email finds you doing FABULOUS.  Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the shares, comments, and kind words on social media.  I'm so grateful you're a part of my life.

I just wrote what may be the greatest song I've written and I think it will bring a lot of people love and peace.  It's called, "He First Loved Me" and starts with pondering and asking the question... "if He even knows I'm alive."

I don't want to spoil it for you... but CAN'T WAIT to share this one.  I'm going all out - will be doing PR, a music video, etc and really promote it.  

So, for those who donate... I'm going to be making some EXCLUSIVE POSTERS that are only available with this campaign and will be numbered so they'll be a collectors item.  EVERYONE who donates starting now through the first 24 hours will receive one.  


I hope you follow me on all my social media pages.  I try to respond to comments and hope you enjoyed the contest today.  Congratulations to Mike C who won $10!

Here are my social links:








Have an amazing day and God bless!!

Lady Redneck

New Music, New Merch, Live Shows & Contests! 

 So many of you loved my fast, hot summer song, "Livin' In The USA" I've decided to record it - but I don't have much time as the summer is half over... so, I've put together my BEST REWARDS EVER to make this happen.  Also, for the first 24 hours - starting NOW - I will add a BONUS surprise for each donation.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

But wait, there's more!  haha!  (You ever seen those commercials... ;) I've also got NEW T-shirts that are available ONLY until I reach my Crowdfunding goal so if you want one, you'd better grab it fast.  For those of you who donate $75 - ya get one for your donation.  CLICK HERE TO GRAB T-SHIRT.

I'm also starting my live shows again as well as weekly contests, and will be sending an email soon about that but I just wanted to get this out ASAP.

I hope you enjoy the content I put out.  If you have any requests or songwriting ideas, I'd love to hear them.  

God bless you today and always and God bless our great country!

Lady Redneck

PS. If you're on IG, TikTok, LinkedIn or any other social

Was it your choice? 


We are one week away from July, can ya believe it? Coming up on my 2nd favorite holiday... the 4th of July. 

Today I'm feeling a little crazy and thought of doing something special, so this is a TODAY ONLY thing... I will write a song for you or for someone you would like and make it a short video.  I will share it on social media, if you want, or send it to you if you'd prefer.  Click here for more info. 

Now back to the music...for those of you who haven't heard which song won the contest, it was the slow one but literally just by a hair of the head.  haha!  WAS IT YOUR CHOICE? :) It's called, "The 4th of July" and comes out on July 1st.  Click here to Pre-Save.

TONIGHT if you're in the North Dallas area, I will be playing at McKinney Square tonight from 6:30 - 8:30 at "The Cocktail Creamery."  I hope you can make it!  

On to another "note"... you may have noticed I am sharing quite a few prepper or preparedness videos.  With all this talk of food shortages and everything else, I think it's important to be ready in case something does happen.  Ya know?  

I recently bought a book with a ton of great information.  It has superfoods you can make for $.37 a day that don't have to be refrigerated that you can live on.  Foods from the Vikings, from the Native Americans and foods people survived on during the war.  I wanted to share the link in case you were interested.  It's only $27 and I think super important to have in your collection. CLICK HERE

So... I guess that's about it!  More shoutouts coming from my crowdfunding.  Thank you again so much.

Lady Redneck 

Vote for your FAVORITE 4th of July song! 

I need your help!  I announced yesterday to my email list that I will be recording a 4th of July song but I need your help.  I wrote about 20 and have it narrowed down to two. 

One is a fast, hot guitar song and the other is a slow, romantic song that I'm thinking should have steel guitar or Gretch.

I shared them in my Instagram stories so please CLICK HERE to access my Instagram account and then check the stories circle at the top if you haven't heard them.  After you hear them, please VOTE for the one you like bestYou may also COMMENT ON THIS BLOG. The song that gets the highest number of votes will be the one I record.  

My fans are my label... I've said it hundreds of times.  YOU all literally are helping me navigate this music career and I am so grateful

If you'd like to donate and be a part of this song, please CLICK HERE!  I've changed up the rewards a little to make them more personal.  I hope you like them.

Thank you so much!!

Lady Redneck

Sponsored by Bella Allure and Verity Hair.  Click here for more info and use code: LADYREDNECK for 10% off your order.

Shh... Secret for "Fans Only" Tonight...  


Long time no see!  Since I'm on social media a lot, I try not to write too many blogs unless it's REALLY IMPORTANT because I know it can be overwhelming and don't want to do that to you. Haha!

But, this IS important... super cool, in fact.  

There are literally a TON of exciting things happening and I'm going to reveal them to you all FIRST... tonight.. and make everyone else wait a little longer... Ya like that?

So, let's get into it...

1. I've written two "4th of July Songs" and need help picking which one to use. I'm going to share it to my #1 Fan, and my FB Supporters in the morning.  Then I'll present them both tomorrow around noon on Instagram, going LIVE, if ya want some say in it.  I would love some help picking.

2. I've started crowdfunding for my 4th of July song and it officially starts NOW.  To donate, CLICK HERE.  Anyone who donates within the next 24 hours, gets a personalized video cameo message unless you click anonymous.

3. I have a new song coming out FRIDAY!!  What?!!  Yep... it's called, "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and is just me and the piano.  It's one of my favorite Christian songs in the whole world.

4. Last but not least, I'll be heading to Nashville to walk the red carpet for being nominated for the Josie Music Awards. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me!

See?!  I told ya there was a lot... I thought about spreading the email out over a couple emails BUT I just couldn't hold it in any longer.

New pics... new videos... new music... all coming soon.  So hold on tight, you're in for a ride. :)


Lady Redneck