It's Almost Too Good To Be True


Yep!  For the next 24 hours... starting RIGHT NOW, Wednesday at 4:00 pm - Thursday at 4:00 pm, everyone who donates at least $20 to my new Crowdfunding Campaign will get a HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU CARD, CD, and a voice message over social media messenger of IG.  I TOLD ya it was almost too good to be true.

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Also, did ya hear that great news? "Perfect Love" made #2 on the iTunes UK Christian Chart! What a great way to start off the new year... 

I hope you've been enjoying the new music videos, live shows, giveaways and everything else.  It's been so fun to do them and I look forward to a lot more of them in the future....

Also, if you're a SUBSCRIBER on FB, IG or TikTok, I am now giving 10% off all website purchases - so make sure and ask if you didn't get the code.

Thanks again my friend and have an AMAZING day!!

God bless.

Lady Redneck

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