Have Ya Seen This?


Hey!  Hoping you're having a great May the 4th... it's been a good day here.  My daughter has had a really sore throat for 2 days so I've been spending a lot of time taking care of her.  She is doing a little better... :)

Got a couple things that you may be interested in.  First of all, I've got a new song coming out next Friday, May 12th, and I promised you the Pre-Save link - here. The song is called, "I Wonder About You" and it's a sweet, beautiful love song.  Click here to Pre-Save and thanks in advance!

Next, I've got the PERFECT GIFT for Mother's Day.  Write a poem for your mom and I'll put it to music and make it a song - then make it into a video.  She'll love it.  It will be fun for me too.

Ya probably noticed all the Patriotic T-shirts I've added to my website lately.  I wanted to give YOU 10% off Patriotic T-shirts today because I wanted to THANK YOU for signing up for my emails.  Just use the code: Patriotic HERE to get 10% off.  

A little more about the song "I Wonder About You."  I didn't write it.  My dad did.  I grew up listening to him play it on the piano and loved the song.  I didn't realize until I was older that he wrote it.  I've always wanted to record it and did it for his birthday in February.  It's such an honor to release one of his songs.  

I honestly have the best parents.  They're some of my best friends in the whole world and I feel so blessed.  They're super talented and I thank God for them.

The world has such an attack on the family right now - but family is so important.  I'll always stand up and defend it.

Thanks for being a part of my life and loving my music!  Appreciate ya a lot.

Lady Redneck

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