Honest Monat Review!

My hair goes through a lot.  I color it, straighten it, STRAIGHTEN IT TO CURL IT ?, etc.  Somehow it's been able to stay pretty healthy.  That is, until that Florida trip.  

To this day, I don't know what happened.  We went to the Florida Keys for a couple weeks during Christmas break and after the first couple of days I noticed it was really dry.  I didn't worry about it too much at that point.  By the last week we were there, my hair was literally frizzed at the ends.  Every day I woke up, it was worse.  

Since it was December, I didn't swim a lot.  In fact, the only swimming I actually did was in a pool and it was only twice.  


I was washing it and conditioning it every day, like I always do.  I had bought some better shampoo and condition than I normally would use and tried some hair treatments.  

By this point, I had thought I was going to have to cut it up to my ears!  I was so devastated.  

When I got home, I trimmed it as far as my heart would let me go but the ends were still frizzy.  haha!  Sorry for the drama but it's really how I felt.  

I met Cindy on Instagram.  She had contacted me because she had seen my videos on Instagram with my long hair and thought I might be a good candidate for a hair product she was selling called Monat.  

I told her what had happened and she sent me out some products to use.  

The FIRST time I used the Super Moisture Masque I felt a huge difference and knew I needed more!  The Rejuva Beads Split Ends mender helped me a lot too.  

Cindy told me I had to try this dry shampoo called "The Champ" but that was hard for me.  Like I mentioned before, I wash my hair every day and don't want my hair to get dried out so I wasn't sure I wanted to try it but it keeps my hair amazingly soft!  

I love it!

So, I thought I'd do a video for all of you, explaining the products Cindy sent me.  You'll be able to see which ones I've used the most of.  haha!

I hope it helps someone out there and if you'd like to try some of them, contact Cindy on Instagram @iamcindypetric


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