Was it your choice?


We are one week away from July, can ya believe it? Coming up on my 2nd favorite holiday... the 4th of July. 

Today I'm feeling a little crazy and thought of doing something special, so this is a TODAY ONLY thing... I will write a song for you or for someone you would like and make it a short video.  I will share it on social media, if you want, or send it to you if you'd prefer.  Click here for more info. 

Now back to the music...for those of you who haven't heard which song won the contest, it was the slow one but literally just by a hair of the head.  haha!  WAS IT YOUR CHOICE? :) It's called, "The 4th of July" and comes out on July 1st.  Click here to Pre-Save.

TONIGHT if you're in the North Dallas area, I will be playing at McKinney Square tonight from 6:30 - 8:30 at "The Cocktail Creamery."  I hope you can make it!  

On to another "note"... you may have noticed I am sharing quite a few prepper or preparedness videos.  With all this talk of food shortages and everything else, I think it's important to be ready in case something does happen.  Ya know?  

I recently bought a book with a ton of great information.  It has superfoods you can make for $.37 a day that don't have to be refrigerated that you can live on.  Foods from the Vikings, from the Native Americans and foods people survived on during the war.  I wanted to share the link in case you were interested.  It's only $27 and I think super important to have in your collection. CLICK HERE

So... I guess that's about it!  More shoutouts coming from my crowdfunding.  Thank you again so much.

Lady Redneck 

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