Voting Has Started! Pray For Peace...

Voting has started for my $100 contest to designs "Pray For Peace" for and I hope you're as excited as I am!  There were so many amazing entries.  My team narrowed it down to 7 choices and they are presented on my blog page.  CLICK HERE to view and vote.  You're going to love them.

Voting will be open until April 11th at which time it will be narrowed down to 2.  You'll have a chance to vote between the 2 finalist designs and the winner will be announced that week!

CLICK HERE to Pre-Save "Pray For Peace" which comes out April 22nd. 

Thank you again to everyone who submitted their art.  

My live show will be tonight and I'm looking so forward to playing some music and hanging out with all of you. 

Some exciting things are going on with my music.  There's a possibility I will be on a show in New York as well as many other possibilities.  My manager in Nashville has also presented me with an opportunity for huge publicity and air play.  If any of you would like to donate to help me get there, that would be amazing!  If not, I'm going to get there anyway it just may take a little longer... :)  CLICK HERE TO DONATE on the little yellow button.

Have an amazing day!  Keep lighting up the world with your goodness.  God bless you today and always.

Lady Redneck

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