Yep! It was $100....

So by now you're probably seen the winning design for my t-shirt contest.  It was won by Mike Carroll and he not only designed my t-shirt but got $100.  Honestly, the 3 finalist designs were SO GOOD I was blown away.

And now.... T-shirts are available HERE!!  (Only $15)

I can't believe "Pray For Peace" comes out tomorrow.  I CAN'T WAIT for you to hear it.  I hope you've pre-saved it HERE so you can be the first to listen.

Also, I am going live tomorrow at 1:00 pm INSTEAD OF TONIGHT.  I want to celebrate our new song.  Please be ready to have an amazing time with jokes, stars, and ready to have some fun.

Storytime...  It's been interesting to me.  On social media, I've seen such a division.  Today Nick told Brynn Lee that he liked one of our cats better than the other. She was CRUSHED.  She said how wrong it was and was visibly angry at him. 

I talked to her about our freedoms and how it's OKAY for him to have that opinion. That opinion is HIS and part of freedom is allowing others to be free as well and have their own opinions.  She may truly believe he is wrong - but that is his choice.

I pray our country understands this too!!  God bless our country and the freedom we enjoy.  I truly hope this song coming out tomorrow will bring peace and joy into your heart.  

Lady Redneck


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