Shh... Secret for "Fans Only" Tonight...


Long time no see!  Since I'm on social media a lot, I try not to write too many blogs unless it's REALLY IMPORTANT because I know it can be overwhelming and don't want to do that to you. Haha!

But, this IS important... super cool, in fact.  

There are literally a TON of exciting things happening and I'm going to reveal them to you all FIRST... tonight.. and make everyone else wait a little longer... Ya like that?

So, let's get into it...

1. I've written two "4th of July Songs" and need help picking which one to use. I'm going to share it to my #1 Fan, and my FB Supporters in the morning.  Then I'll present them both tomorrow around noon on Instagram, going LIVE, if ya want some say in it.  I would love some help picking.

2. I've started crowdfunding for my 4th of July song and it officially starts NOW.  To donate, CLICK HERE.  Anyone who donates within the next 24 hours, gets a personalized video cameo message unless you click anonymous.

3. I have a new song coming out FRIDAY!!  What?!!  Yep... it's called, "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and is just me and the piano.  It's one of my favorite Christian songs in the whole world.

4. Last but not least, I'll be heading to Nashville to walk the red carpet for being nominated for the Josie Music Awards. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me!

See?!  I told ya there was a lot... I thought about spreading the email out over a couple emails BUT I just couldn't hold it in any longer.

New pics... new videos... new music... all coming soon.  So hold on tight, you're in for a ride. :)


Lady Redneck

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