TIME - If Only Time Could Stand Still

This is a song I wrote at my wits end! I was running a candle company that I had started about 6.5 years before and it was taking ALL my time. My kids were growing up before my eyes and…Read more

HOSANNAH - we'll sing and we'll shout

Disclaimer: THIS IS ALL IN FUN!!!  I am not crazy. :) Well, maybe a little... hahah!!!

This is a fun song about the greatest event in all of history-the birth of our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ!  PLEASE WATCH MY…Read more

O Holy Night - My FAVORITE Song

Well, you need to know this about me... I LOVE Christmas!!!  If I could start celebrating sooner, I would.  I love the spirit, the magic... and everything that goes along with it.  I love how it opens hearts and causes…Read more

FROM THIS MOMENT (Hold On) by Stephanie Lee

My new song is just out!  I hope you really love this one.  This is about a romantic night together.  

It starts by the couple moving slowly across the room and coming together.  The wood floor creeks under the sound…Read more