This is a song I wrote for my husband for Valentine's Day.  This a song about how we met - online! :) Haha!!!  Get it?  That's why it's called, "Love At First SITE".  I know how to spell, just using…

Online Dating

So many people are falling in love online these days.  Does it REALLY work?  Will it work for me?
Those may be questions you are asking yourself if you are in a situation where you'd like to meet someone special,…

LOVE ME, BABY! - I'm so in love with you

Okay, it's OFFICIAL!!!  My newest music video is out, it's called LOVE ME, BABY!  You've got to watch it.  I wrote this song in the middle of the night, when I couldn't sleep.  The words came out as fast as…

Play Almost Any Song!

If you'd like to learn to play music, but think it may be too hard - think again!  There are THOUSANDS of songs you can play with 3 chords.  (Yikes, I used the first "music term".  Don't let that…

TIME - If Only Time Could Stand Still

This is a song I wrote at my wits end! I was running a candle company that I had started about 6.5 years before and it was taking ALL my time. My kids were growing up before my eyes and…

HOSANNAH - we'll sing and we'll shout

Disclaimer: THIS IS ALL IN FUN!!!  I am not crazy. :) Well, maybe a little... hahah!!!

This is a fun song about the greatest event in all of history-the birth of our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ!  PLEASE WATCH MY…

O Holy Night - My FAVORITE Song

Well, you need to know this about me... I LOVE Christmas!!!  If I could start celebrating sooner, I would.  I love the spirit, the magic... and everything that goes along with it.  I love how it opens hearts and causes…

FROM THIS MOMENT (Hold On) by Stephanie Lee

My new song is just out!  I hope you really love this one.  This is about a romantic night together.  

It starts by the couple moving slowly across the room and coming together.  The wood floor creeks under the sound…

How To Be Happy!! Should at least make you smile...

In Atlas Shrugged, John Galt talks about how the pursuit of life is the pursuit of happiness.  "Happiness is a state of noncontradictory joy- a joy without penalty or guilt, a joy that does not clash with any of