SAM HUNT - TAKE YOUR TIME by Stephanie Lee

Every now and then I find a CD where I like just about EVERY song!  The last one I remembered this with was Maroon 5, "Songs About Jane."  I still can't get enough of that CD.  The funny thing is,…

George Strait - WRITE THIS DOWN (by Stephanie Lee)


I never saw the end in sight; fools are kind of blind.
Thought everything was going alright, but I was running out of time.
'Cause you had one foot out the door, I swear I didn't see…

Lullaby Baby

I have the most amazing little daughter!  Heavenly Father must love me so much, because she is an angel from heaven. :)
This is a song, a lullaby, I wrote for her.  I hope you like it!  
I love you

BAPTISM DAY - By Stephanie Lee

I remember when I got baptized.  I was 8 years old.  We lived 45 minutes away from the building where I was to be baptized.  I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Bishop before my baptism to make…

HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW - Stand Up Against Abuse

This song is about a very sensitive subject. It may be too sensitive for many of you to listen to, or watch. This song is about ABUSE. Abuse is all around us. The statistics are staggering: child abuse, domestic abuse,…

THE LAST RIDE - Dedicated to Harley Kyle

This is a song that's very dear to my heart. I grew up in a little town called Howe, Idaho. When you drive into the little town, you come to the General Store. It's open when the owners want it…

GRAVITY (Cover song) by Sara Bareilles

Do you know the song 'Gravity' by Sara Bareilles?  Can I say I LOVE that song?  So, I took it upon myself to sing it and do a little video.  If you haven't heard it, you've got to... and I…


This is a song I wrote for my husband for Valentine's Day.  This a song about how we met - online! :) Haha!!!  Get it?  That's why it's called, "Love At First SITE".  I know how to spell, just using…