Prayer Answered

 Good morning!  I woke up feeling so grateful today.  Grateful for another day on this earth, for great friends and fans who are such a big part of my life and for being able to do two things that I love - make music and be a mom.

I wanted to tell you about something that happened yesterday...  I was having a rough morning.  It was one of those days when NOTHING was going right.  I started to cry and then I started praying out loud.  I was driving and after I had poured out my heart to my Heavenly Father, all of the sudden my phone that's connected to my truck, started playing.  It started playing positive affirmations of joy!  I think it's called, "Total Health and Wellbeing" or something like that.  

I hadn't been listening to them previously but just hearing them - something entered into my heart.  I had been saying negative things in my mind.  

The words we say to ourself are profound.  The language we use.  It hit me that even though I'm a happy, positive person - I hadn't been speaking positive words in my mind.

It made such a difference because not only did I know what I needed to change, but I knew Heavenly Father loved me because He answered my prayer. 

On another "note," I'm still riding the wave of my new song, "I Dented Your Truck" and am loving it so I thought I'd give you a free download of the song.  CLICK HERE to grab it!

I do have a new song coming out that you'll be hearing about very soon... I'm actually working on 3 awesome songs that I can't wait for you to hear, but just need to finish recording - which brings me to something else...

I am sending out REWARDS today from my last campaign so be on the lookout. ;)

And... I've got a new T-shirt in case you're interested.  You're gonna love it!  Click here to grab it.

Also, make sure and check out my Facebook page today to see who is my fan of the week!

Vaya con Dios!

Lady Redneck

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