Play Almost Any Song!

If you'd like to learn to play music, but think it may be too hard - think again!  There are THOUSANDS of songs you can play with 3 chords.  (Yikes, I used the first "music term".  Don't let that scare you away.)

Chord:  A group of (typically three or more) notes sounded together, as a basis of harmony

Basically, if you put your hands on a keyboard and put your thumb on Middle C (the video should tell you how to find Middle C.  It's the note just to the left of two black notes).  The thumb would be the base note, the 3rd finger would be the 3rd and the pinky finger would be 

the 5th - creating a harmony chord!  

 C Chord

In the Key of C, the other two chords you use.  To find them, simply put down your 4th and 5th fingers.  Your 4th and 5th fingers are F and G (I won't get into the theory of why, to try to keep it simple). 

F Chord

G Chord

So, the three chords in the Key of C are: C, F and G.  To play those chords, put your thumb on C (then 3rd and 5th fingers), then your thumb on F (3rd and 5th fingers) and lastly thumb on G (3rd and 5th fingers).

C is actually too low for my voice in most songs, but if it works for you-you're in luck!  If not, 
get ready because I've got more videos coming out with instructional training.

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