Imagine Giving That Perfect Gift

I haven't done a live show because I STILL don't have my voice! I got serious and started on the Oregano and Tea Tree oil today, so it should be gone soon. 

Yes, I have found THE perfect gift for your special occasion. Maybe it's a wedding, or an Anniversary - maybe it's because you love someone so much and need a way to tell them...  

I will WRITE and PROFESSIONALLY record a song for you! You tell me what and who you'd like it to be about and the date you need it done by. I've actually had a couple people request it, and LOVE the idea.  

Also, I had a GIVEAWAY CONTEST last week on Facebook and Instagram.  For Facebook, CONGRATULATIONS to Patti Jackson! My Instagram winner was Tanja Hawkinson. CONGRATULATIONS, Tanja!  So ladies, send me your address and you'll be receiving a SURPRISE Lady Redneck Box!!

That's all for today. Once I get my voice back, you'll be hearing a lot more. Until then, have an AMAZING WEEK.

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