Thanks so much to all of you who joined in to my LIVE SHOW this evening.  I feel bad that the internet wasn't working well for so many of you.  I promise I'll do another one soon... 

I had mentioned I have a LOT of exciting things happening this fall.  Next week I'll be announcing a new song... I'm going to start crowdfunding to record, "Last Christmas" and working on a series about Preparedness - as well as a new DVD, vinyl record and more.

Drum roll please... I had mentioned a giveaway... but first, how was the weather today?  Haha!  Just teasing ya... okay.  For the giveaway tonight, the FIRST PERSON to send me an email with the name of one of the songs I've released THIS YEAR - will win an autographed CD and poster!  Send it to:

Ready.... go!  

And... thank you for being a fan and for being a part of my life.  God bless and goodnight.

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