My First of Several Big Surprises!


WOW!!!  Do ya see what I see?  I've got a NEW CD COMING OUT!!!  Yep... how would you like to hear ALL of my covers in 1 awesome CD?  I'm talking: Kiss Me, Blue Bayou, I Walk The Line, Faithfully, Light My Fire, Thinking Out Loud... and more! 

AND... yep, there's more... I'm going to offer it to y'all for not only 1/2 off, but 1/2 off AND a poster all for $9.99.  


I'm TRYING to give you guys, MY TRUE FANS, perks, discounts and a lot of EXTRA stuff.  Ya may notice, if you signed up for my email list, that I gave you a free download of "Blue Bayou" just for opening my email? :)

I've got a lot of exciting things planned this holiday season.  We've all had a rough couple of years with all this covid stuff, all the contention, all the... craziness.

I'm planning to do all I can do to make your holiday season better.

This is just the FIRST of many surprises I've got coming over the next month. :) 

xoxox and THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of my life and my MUSIC!

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